You Matter

Ever wonder sometimes if you really matter?

Why yes, yes you do.

Here’s what we would be missing if there were no ‘you.’

We’d miss the sound that fills the air when you laugh, when you talk, when you give and when you share.

Something that needed to exist would not, because only you could bring about that thought.

The world would have an empty space that should have been filled with your warmth and your grace.

Someone would be missing that special friend in life; who gets them, who knows them and helps them survive.

People you introduced might not ever meet, which would cause many things to be out of beat.

Your colours, your flavours, yes they all matter. The world with you in it is definitely better.

So look around and know that it’s true; the world would have a big gap in it, if it weren’t filled by you. ❤


Don’t Just Exist, Live.

Are you just existing, or are you living? Do you allow life to dictate to you, or do you dictate to life? Do you take everything you can out of the situations and places you are in, or do you merely exist in those places?
Once again my thoughts turn toward children. Those precious little ones who know how to get the most out of wherever they find themselves. No toys? No problem. This stick and a rock will do. You know what I mean. They use their imagination, their creativity, their insatiable desire to discover and learn, to propel them to make the most out of any situation they are placed in.

And placed they are. Little ones are not often asked where they would like to go, but they are taken places, and then enjoy themselves wherever they find themselves.

What can we take away from this? What can we learn from this innocence?

Don’t merely exist, LIVE!

You may not be able to control all the situations you find yourself in, but you can control your response.

It’s often the thing we take for granted, that becomes the one thing we want more than anything else in the world once it’s gone. (Your loved ones, your time with your children, your health, even the simplicity of life when you had less).

So let’s be a life sucking organism.

An organism that sucks up life from everything it crawls across, and poops out awesomeness, joy and wonder.

There’s always hidden treasure wherever you are, you just have to be willing to dig in some of the places where you might not expect to find it.

So go on, leave a sticky trail behind you for others to get caught in….and just maybe, they’ll start making some sticky trails of their own.

The Finish Line

The finish line. The place where you want to collapse and quit, but instead you must keep going. The critical place. The critical time.

The place where dreams take flight and soar, or fall flat and lay dormant. The place that will take every ounce of your will to ignore all that is screaming at you to stop, and instead go faster.

You are the plane on the runway.  Engines are roaring, every gear is engaging at its full capacity. Will you take off, or will you crash, you wonder.

Suddenly, it’s quieter, lighter. 

Could it be? Are you flying? 

You can barely dare to look outside the window. 

Yes, it’s true. You have lift off. 

There is some reprieve.  Some time for reflection as you soar, and then start to climb higher.

You learn to embrace this feeling of flying. Where will you go? What heights will you attain? 

The sky is no longer the limit. You are airborne. You can fly. 

One day you will touch down at a destination, and people will ask you: “how did you do it?”

And you’ll reply: 

“I saw the finish line up ahead. I started to push harder and faster than I even knew I could. I threw caution to the wind. I drowned out the thoughts of failure screaming at me. I ran until I thought I would fall down and die, and then……….I started to fly.”

Go Get It.

One of the biggest lies that we tell ourselves, or that we hear from others and believe, is: “it’s too late.”

“You’re too old to chase that dream. That was a fool’s dream. That was a dream for when you were young.”


It is NEVER too late to pursue a dream or a life goal. Oh, it may be harder to obtain if you’re older than 25. It may take effort, guts, and many tears, but IT IS worth it. Somewhere deep inside of you, you know this.

Why did you have those dreams in the first place? Why does that thing appeal to you? Why does it dangle in front of you as if on a fishing line, saying: “c’mon try. Don’t give up on that dream. You’re not too old, it’s not too late.”

In fact, it’s NEVER too late. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever.


Maybe it’s something like wanting abs, being physically fit, or running a marathon. Maybe it’s writing a book, singing professionally, or engaging in public speaking. Whatever it is, you might wonder, “what would I look like? What would that be like? What would that feel like?”

My friend, I’ll tell you!!

It will feel like meeting a you that maybe you haven’t met before. It will feel like hard work, sweat and tears, and then….a feeling of pride and joy and amazement that YOU ARE strong enough to see this goal through. You will start to realize that you CAN attain this goal. You will start to think about those other forgotten things, and realize that maybe they aren’t far-fetched, maybe they aren’t out of reach, and you WILL start to go after them.

Did you know that the blueprints are already inside of you for your success? Just sitting there. Just waiting for you to tap into them. Those abs are THERE! Go discover them. That voice is THERE. Go discover it.

Stop waiting. Stop wondering. Stop THINKING.

Just go.

Go get it!


Mind Over Matter

*Sigh, right?

“C’mon you can do this! Mind over matter!”

How many times have you heard that?

 In looking up the definition, it reads: “the use of willpower to overcome physical problems.”

 Ok, let’s take physical exercise as one example.

 Participation in physical exercise, really is about will power. When you feel you’ve come to the end of yourself, and you keep going.  When your body is screaming at you to stop because it’s uncomfortable, yet, instead, you push a little further. 

Why do some push past their comfort zone more than others? Why does one think “this is good enough,” and another is driven to keep going?

Motivation.  A growing awareness that you can achieve great things. Maybe a life event has set you on a new course.

We change for many different reasons.  We do things we never considered in the past because we now have motivation.

It’s interesting how, often, the hardest trials, will move us into a position to try out the “impossible.” When you are desperate, what have you got to lose?

This stripping away serves to show us who we really are under all the protective layers. 

And this, my friends, is awesome. This is where we learn who we are at the core. 

This, is why one will continue on while another stops. The one is not necessarily stronger or more talented than the other, but is often more motivated, and has possibly glimpsed inside themselves something they previously didn’t perceive or understand was possible. 

And so, you might hear these motivated individuals say: “mind over matter.”

Yes indeed.

The Art of Letting Go..

The art. The practice of letting go until it becomes an art. A beautiful thing.

What are you holding on to? What is that thing that you don’t want to let go of?  Why don’t you want to let it go? Why do we hold on to things that don’t benefit us, but only hold us back?

Picture yourself on a roller coaster ride.

You’re hanging on desperately to the bar in front of you. Does this make you any safer? Does it make you feel more in control of the ride?  Or does hanging on to the bar only serve to remind you that you have no real control over the twists and turns of this crazy ride that you are on.

So, why not let go?

Why not ride with abandon and enjoyment? Why not move with the ups and downs instead of holding yourself rigidly against them?

Why not embrace this ride we call life?

“But, things didn’t work out the way I wanted, the way I dreamed of.”

Let it go.

“But I don’t like this ride.”

Try letting go.  You might enjoy the ride more if you move with it.

“But I have so many problems….”

Are those problems getting any better with you hanging rigidly on to them?

Let go.

When we are joyful, we have a way of attracting joy to us. When we choose how we are going to respond to the things that come into our lives, those choices start to become our reality.

So maybe we do control the ride a little.  Not by holding on rigidly, but by letting go and thus shaping the twists and turns of this ride by the non-fearful, joyfully abandoned choices we are making. ❤


I am not perfect, I am passionate.

Ever felt that feeling of: “I am supposed to be……,” but, you feel like you are not measuring up. It’s not working. Why?

Are you trying to be ‘perfect?’

The ‘perfect’ friend, the ‘perfect’ mom, the ‘perfect’….. in your line of work, or in your life?

If you find yourself in any kind of a teaching capacity, you may feel like you have to “know it all.”

Does anybody know it all? Aren’t we all learning? Isn’t that the point of research? Research by definition tells us that we don’t “know it all.” If you are teaching, yes, you must know some things. But, to “know it all?”

Isn’t it also a childhood insult to call someone a “know-it-all?”

So, we may know and understand this, and yet there is the pressure.

The pressure to perform beyond where we are, leaving us feeling inept, under par, and never able to meet the ‘expectations.’

Lets look at the difference between adults and small children.

Children: “look what I did! I did it! I’m so big!”

They celebrate what they can do, and know that they will do more. They have the future before them. Anything is possible.

Adults: “I should have done more.” “I should have done it faster.” “Why did it take me so long to learn this?…..”

So, I say, why not say: “I am not perfect (and that is OK), I am passionate (eager, excited, animated).”

I am excited and animated about this thing that I am doing! I don’t know it all (and I don’t have to), but I want to share what I know, and what I am learning still.

Do you feel the shift? Can we let passion be our guide? Can we leave the status of ‘perfection,’ and lean instead into our passion, and live life through that lens?

So when we are asked, or ask ourselves: “are we qualified?” We can answer “YES!”

“I am a qualified and joyfully seeking more knowledge in this thing that I am passionately pursuing, and sharing with you!”

Besides…..nobody likes a “know-it-all.”






Who you are expected to be, or who you ARE.

There can be two you’s.

The you that is “expected,” and the you that you are deep inside.

Which ‘you’ do you lean into more? Which ‘you’ leaves you feeling fulfilled, or exhausted? Which you is truly ‘you?’

Have you ever woken up to yourself, and thought: who even am I? How did I become this person? How am I involved in all these things that don’t bring me joy, but instead drain me?

The thing is, you can can be involved in things that require effort and even hard work, but, if it fulfills you, it doesn’t usually deprive you. Oh, you may need a break, and a rest, but eventually, it will draw you back, because it’s what you were meant to do.

Are you doing someone else’s job? Are you filling the place that someone else is meant to fill, thereby depriving you both? Are you missing YOUR place because of this?

Change is hard. But change is necessary if you are going to fulfill what you were meant to do.

“What am I meant to do?” you may be asking.

Search inside yourself. It is often the thing that we think: “no way, too risky, what will people think, it’s too late, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the energy, I don’t have……”

But you DO have the time, because all you have is THIS time. ONE life. One chance. One go-around. You can expect to fall on your face, to trip, to waver… but, eventually you will stand more than you will fall. You will move forward more than backwards. You will start to enjoy this feeling of being brave, and it might just compel others to do the same.

A world full of brave people following THEIR dreams that were placed inside of them; that they were born with. That, my friends, is a beautiful thing.


Love. Me and You.

Receiving love.

My thoughts today tilt this way.

If I cannot say “I love you ” to myself, can I receive “I love you” from others? TRULY receive it? “I love YOU.” This means ALL of you. Do I think this is a kind thing someone is saying to me, or do I understand and believe that I’m worthy of love?

“Love others as you love yourself, treat others as you would want to be treated…”

Let’s see. How do you treat yourself? How do you speak to yourself? Would you speak to others this same way? What are your thoughts toward yourself?

It’s interesting. We need to know how to love ourselves, in order to truly love others.

If we do not love ourselves, we’re all missing out. We’re all missing out on true love. We cannot give out what we do not have filled up inside.

It starts in the heart.

It starts in our hearts, and moves out from there. It’s not about loving yourself above others, it’s loving yourself completely; the way you were created, the way you are, and then sharing that complete love with those around you.

So have you done it yet? Have you said:        “(enter your name here) I love you.”       “All of you.  All your quirks, all the things that I thought made me uncomfortably stand out, I see actually make me unique. I love this uniqueness.”

Oh, one more thing, – there’s always the option to sing it to yourself in the form of Whitney Houston’s song….”and I will always LOVE YOU! Oooooooh.”


The Thing We Love

…..for he will not dwell unduly on the days of his life, because God keeps him busy with the joy of his heart. Ecclesiastes 5:6

Being kept busy with the JOY of our heart. Woah, wait.

It’s funny how what we love to do still requires effort, work, thought, etc…but it brings us JOY. All that effort put into the thing(s) you love, IS worth it, because it will bring YOU the most joy. No one will do that thing quite like you will. No one else will give it that same expression.

Picture you have your own lego set placed in front of you. Do you copy another’s design, or do you create something of your own? Maybe as we are learning, we copy other’s designs, and that is ok. But there comes a day when you feel it on the inside. “Will you be brave enough to try your own design?”

“But what if it falls apart?” That’s ok. “What if others laugh at it?’ That’s ok. “What if it takes me 600 try’s to get it built?” THAT IS OK.

You are worth it. The only difference between you and other’s who had a new idea and were successful with it, is………..that they gave it a TRY.

I love music. Playing music, teaching music, singing music. I have never felt that I’m very good at it. I have usually felt under par compared to many others.


The one thing I am sure that I have is PASSION for music. Passion will carry you far. It will take that music and bring it to life. It will bring you JOY. You will stop caring what others think about your ability, and you will start to draw them in by your passion.

I have seen someone that did not like a certain food listen to someone else describe this same food with such passion and love for it, that they decided to try the food again feeling that they may have missed something because that person was so PASSIONATE about it.

So, what is your “music,” your “food?” What is your passion?

Are you ready to give it 600 try’s, and let it bring you JOY?

C’mon. Poke your toe into the water…