“Celebrate Those Wrinkles Day.”

Can we please have a worldwide “Celebrate Those Wrinkles Day?”

I’m calling rubbish on hiding, diminishing and stopping these lovely beauties!

Wrinkles are EARNED. Maybe if we stopped listening to the people who tell us we need to hide them, we would stop trying to be like the young and immature, and realize that we have it all wrong!

The young should look up to their elders and imitate them in their wisdom, not the other way around.

I’m telling you peeps – we’ve been duped.

Maybe one glorious day we’ll hear a young person say: “when can I have wrinkles?” To which we’ll reply: “I’m sorry honey, but you have to wait until you’re older and wiser. You have to EARN these.”

So let’s start a showcase of beautiful lines that tell of our incredible journey in this life. Mine is above, and I added some makeup artistry that I’ve decided to call: “The Wrinkle Enhancer.”😄

Please add your wrinkle showcase picture in the comments. I’m telling you it’s so freeing.❤

Here’s to true, genuine beauty. ❤❤


Times Of Pruning

In John 15 in the Bible, it talks about branches that are already bearing fruit being pruned so they will bear more fruit.

Interesting concept.

Pruning is cutting away. The removal of dead things. It can be uncomfortable and even painful.

The pruning may even come as a surprise to us, as we may not know that there are dead things in our lives that we are giving our precious energy and time to. The good news though, is in the end, the result of our being pruned is: new life, possibly “less on our plate,” and ultimately more fruit.

So, when you see the pruning shears approaching you, don’t run away! Grit your teeth, remind yourself it’s a good thing, and just let it happen.

New life is coming.

Keep it real

“Real” definition: Actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact, not imagined or supposed.

I went for a “real” hike today. Yup. Not a simulated HIIT work out type of hike, but a real one. In the snow, using my muscles for balance when my foot would fall in deeper in places. My heart rate went up because I walked up an actual hill. (What?). I was in the sunshine, breathing fresh outside air, watching the joy on my puppy’s face while he romped and played.

Let’s be reminded of this novel thought, that you don’t have to make up exercises, when you actually go outside, and hike up a mountain simply because you want to see its beauty. Or when you go for a swim because you want to feel the water on your skin. Or you run because you want to feel free and express it.

How many calories you burned is not on your mind. You are not obsessed with yourself or your body image in these moments, because you are there to feel alive, to feel enjoyment, and to share in it all with those you love.

Oh and muscles? Better health? Yeah, they show up as a by-product of these activities.

I don’t know any child (unless they’ve been taught by someone) who thinks: “how many calories did I just burn running around? Did I earn an ice cream? Did I do enough?”

Well I say: stuff that inner dialogue.

Kids are our example.

Run, laugh, bounce, fidget. Play every chance you get. Suck the life out of every moment. Daydream. Give and take many hugs. Cry if you’re sad. Wiggle if you’re silly. Laugh if it’s funny.

And remember: every moment can be what you make it. Driving home from work? Put on that ridiculous song and sing. Mopping the floor? You’ve got a dance partner. Typing on the computer? You’ve become that important grown up you used to dream you were gonna be when you were a child. So smile.

Sick of where you are in life? Try something new…

It might be bull riding, and you might just love it.

The Balance

Balance. Being evenly distributed. Remaining upright or steady.

For an “all or nothing person,” balance can be hard or tricky.

Let us picture a young horse. He’s saddled up, raring to go. His rider gives him the go-ahead. He takes off, but then, his rider tugs him back. The horse thinks: “I thought he wanted me to go?” He becomes confused and disappointed. He stops walking. The rider urges him forward again, but at a walk. This is not what the horse expected when he was told to “go.” He feels disheartened.

As they continue to walk along, he begins to notice things that he hadn’t before on this path. Things he had missed while tearing by at a gallop. A sweet patch of grass. A garden of flowers. Forest friends. He begins to feel a rhythm with his rider. A camaraderie. He starts to sense his rider’s feelings, his desires. The horse feels an inward focus that fills him with joy and peace. He feels safe and at one with his rider.

One day the horse and rider come to an open field. The rider guides the horse over to a pond. He encourages him to drink. The rider wades into the pond and starts to swim. He splashes the horse and calls him in. The horse is slightly confused. “What is this?” He wonders. “Why is my rider swimming and splashing? We still have walking to do.”

The rider comes out of the water, and approaches the horse. He rubs his head, and starts to remove his bridle. He removes the bit from the horse’s mouth, and the saddle from his back. The horse is suddenly unencumbered; he is light and free. This feels strange. He had come to embrace the feeling of following his rider’s lead; of the security of the saddle, the bridle and bit.

Suddenly his rider starts to run across the field and laugh. Instantly the horse finds his feet moving across the ground swiftly. He chases the rider. He feels the wind. He feels overwhelming joy. This is what he was meant for! To run, to be free! He approaches the rider. He nuzzles his hand. He understands. This is also what he is meant for. To be still. To be loved. To be connected. To be balanced.

The horse feels an enormous capacity of love for the rider. He’s grateful for all he’s taught him. He ponders the journey he’s been on. The journey that is still to come. He trots over to the rider. He nudges him – it’s time to get going. He welcomes the saddle, the bridle, the bit. He cherishes the feel of the rider on his back as they set off.

As they obtain a steady pace, the horse and the rider pass another rider on a young horse who is racing and stopping, racing and stopping.

The horse neighs gently. His rider nods and smiles and pats his neck…

The Place In Between

You took the leap. You made the choice. You jumped in, and there’s no turning back.

What now?

Your emotions are screaming at you, your mind is questioning you, and it feels like your whole being is against you. Change is hard. Change is necessary, but it is hard. Even if it’s for improvement, it can be hard.

There’s a place in between the place where you were, and the place you are going that is vulnerable. It’s uncertain. You know what you’re leaving, and you might know where you’re going, but you don’t know how to get there. Where’s the road map? What’s the next step?

That’s the place in between.

When you step into that place, hold on to your seat, ’cause it’s about to get bumpy. People will ask you “what are you going to do now?” Bump. You might experience an overwhelming missing of the comfort you had of knowing what your day to day looked like. Bump. You might have cascading doubt pour over you about the decision you just made. Bump. And then there’s fear of failure. Bump.


Ah, but just like a bouncy ball, these bumps will subside. The wind will calm. The storm will cease. The fog will lift.

And you’ll step forward onto that path that your dreams are calling you too. That path that won’t be denied any more. You’ll walk slowly at first. Looking around as you go. Feeling your way forward. And then your stride will start to quicken with purpose. You’ll look straight ahead.

This is what you were meant for. This is what dreams are made of. This is what comes after you cross that place in between.

Hope, The Thing That Keeps Us Alive.

Hope, definition: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Hope gets a bad rap for being something that’s weak. Like it’s about as powerful as a wish. And yet, it’s so much more than that. It’s a stirring, a longing inside, the beginning of something; the place where greatness starts.

It emerges as a seed. It germinates, it grows.

It will grow into its full potential if you let it; if you don’t get mad and yank it up by the roots. If you don’t despair and walk away from it. It WILL continue to grow even after you’ve forgotten about it. Even if you only visit it once in awhile. It might grow slowly. It might not look like much at first. But its roots have an anchor. It gets stronger with time. One day it will get big enough to start nudging you: ‘Here I am. Won’t you come visit me again?’

You may have forgotten about it, but it never forgot about you.

It knows you’re meant for greatness. It knows your full potential. It knows how to grow and become a real thing that you can see and touch.

The only way you can kill it is to give up. Cry, yell, scream if you must. Only do not end its life. To live without hope is to die inside. To lose all meaning and purpose.

In time, if you allow it to grow, to exist, to emerge, you’ll rejoice that you believed in that thing that seemed impossible. That thing that believed in you when you weren’t even sure it was real.

There are things we see through human eyes, and there are things which must be seen through the eyes of vision. The eyes of hope. The eyes of trust.

So hope. Trust. Wait. Discover. And maybe look in on it once in awhile and give it some water.


Why are we here, what is it all for?

These are the things that I wonder more often then not. Our life is a vapor; a blink or a thought.

Why did You put us here God? What does it mean? Are we here for a purpose, or is it just a dream?

How can we be so busy while time is flying by? One day we wake up, and it’s our turn to die.

Why do we live, why do we die? If You made us to be with us, why don’t we stay alive?

I’m glad there’s a place where we go to forever, but what about now, why does this place matter?

If only we’d stop, if only we’d listen, we just might get a glimpse of a heavenly vision. Maybe there’s more to this life than we know. Maybe we’re here to make something grow. Something that reaches beyond earth and space. Something that’s allowed to come with us to that place.

There’s so many distractions, and so many years, are wasted on heartaches and struggles and fears. We hang onto what we must let go of, and we carelessly ignore, what we should have made note of and gathered and stored.

Lives are the only things that leave this place. Nothing else will make it past earth and space. People are what matter. They are not disposable. So why do we treat them as if only some are irreplaceable?

Every moment, and every thought, is something that cannot be sold and/or bought. Children are precious, we know this is true, but so are Adam, Steven, Jenny and YOU.

Please know you’re important and here for a reason, please know that you’re someone that someone believes in.

Every breath you take reminds you you’re alive, and you have another moment to give it a try. Take nothing for granted, and don’t waste a day, cause you never know when He’ll call your name.

Live for the moment, live for the now, and you’ll get to spend eternity telling Him: “WOW!” ‘Thanks for my life God, thanks for the chance; that I got to live and to breathe and to dance. ❤

This Time

When you think too much, feel too much,

when you’re misunderstood.

When the whole world is the enemy, remember: life is good.

Seasons and patterns and days and years,
bring us to an understanding; that through the pain, through the suffering there is One who knows, One who cares.

Maybe they don’t ‘get’ you, maybe they don’t see,
Yet the One you’ll live with for eternity, walks beside you, knows your name, knows every thought, sees all your pain.

“Why am I this way Lord? Why did you make me so?”
‘So you could shine, so you could glow.’

‘I have made everything unique, and they just need to look closely to see, that this fruit is different than any before. It’s made for the clean, the deep, and the pure….it’s made for those longing to be more.’

‘Those that eat this fruit become as it is. They share this with others, and they use it to give. But many do not see, many do not know, the depth and the beauty that is inside, and so turn to go. Turn to what they know.’

‘One day they may come, one day they may try. But if today isn’t their day, be still my child. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t lay down and die.’

‘All have seasons and all have times. This one is yours and it is Mine. I love you so much, and have kept you for this. So go on, and see who you can bless.’

‘Bless those who hurt you, and bless those who mourn. Bless those who need a touch, and bless those in the storm.’

“But what about me God? What do I get?”

‘The blessings you’ve received and given out are piled up yet. Waiting for a time to pour all over you joy divine, life everlasting, and the best treasures on earth. But please remember: these are not your worth.’

‘Your worth is built up inside, hidden within. More glorious than you can imagine, then you can understand.’

‘I’ve made you this way, and I want you to see, that when you’re looking all around, instead, look up at Me.’

‘I’ve got your back, I’ve got your heart. This is the place to run to when it’s dark. I’m always here, and I know your every fear. But those things don’t hold you, with Me, they have to disappear!’

‘So come here my darling, come here my friend. Let’s partake of that fruit over and over again.’

‘Let it shine out, let it shine forth, and always remember there is no value that can be placed on your worth.’

‘Rubies and silver, all the precious stones; pale in comparison with the light your beauty holds.’

Ruth Mihailoff

If You Won’t Love Yourself Now, You Won’t Love Yourself ‘When…’

If you won’t love yourself now, you won’t love yourself when: you have the right job, you have a certain skill, you’re older, you’re wiser, you’re thinner, you’re fitter…

The list goes on and on and on.

It’s true. You need to love yourself NOWRight where you are in this present moment. Mistakes and all. Failures, successes; they all make up a part of you.

“But I lose my temper.” “But I give in too easy.” “But I’m not strong.” “But I said something unkind, I did something unkind.”

So you’re not perfect. But you ARE lovable.

Love yourself through those places. Let those things that you don’t like in you change through love, not through shame. None of us are perfect. Not one. If you change through shame, you will carry that shame into your changed place. But if you recognize that you are ‘flawsome,’ that you need love, and you change through love, you will carry that love into your changed place, and that love will carry you to the next place.

We can only be where we are. We can only start where we are. And where we are is beautiful.

It might be a beautiful mess, but remember; a mud puddle can be a source of disgust and something to avoid, or it can be a place to jump in, feel the sticky oozy mud, and play to your hearts content like the kid in you wants to.

And what is that stuff that we rub on our faces to pull out the impurities, and then wash away to reveal the beauty underneath?

Yep, glorious mud.

Lemons and Possibilities.

Lemons. Sour moments. We all have them. So, what to do?
“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” You know the saying. And yet, someone did just that. They made something so enjoyable, that it is still a refreshing drink of choice to this day.

You may be a ‘lemonade maker,’ and not be aware of it yet. You might be drowning in all the sour things you are dealing with, and not realize that you have the makings of a great lemonade.

Or maybe, you’re the sour lemon. That’s okay too. You may just be missing one key ingredient to make your lemonade. Rest assured, you have everything you need inside of you to make something great. ❤

Maybe your activating ingredient is motivation. Maybe it’s taking one step.  Maybe it’s taking that suggestion offered to you that you initially rejected.

It’s NEVER too late. Today may be YOUR day where you take a step and “the rest is history baby,” as they say.

You’ll never know what you are capable of until you give it a try.

Oh and don’t be surprised if you discover that you are capable of so much more than you knew, and you start refreshing those around you with your flavor of lemonade.

Good things can come in lemon packages..