You took the leap. You made the choice. You jumped in, and there’s no turning back.

What now?

Your emotions are screaming at you, your mind is questioning you, and it feels like your whole being is against you. Change is hard. Change is necessary, but it is hard. Even if it’s for improvement, it can be hard.

There’s a place in between the place where you were, and the place you are going that is vulnerable. It’s uncertain. You know what you’re leaving, and you might know where you’re going, but you don’t know how to get there. Where’s the road map? What’s the next step?

That’s the place in between.

When you step into that place, hold on to your seat, ’cause it’s about to get bumpy. People will ask you “what are you going to do now?” Bump. You might experience an overwhelming missing of the comfort you had of knowing what your day to day looked like. Bump. You might have cascading doubt pour over you about the decision you just made. Bump. And then there’s fear of failure. Bump.


Ah, but just like a bouncy ball, these bumps will subside. The wind will calm. The storm will cease. The fog will lift.

And you’ll step forward onto that path that your dreams are calling you too. That path that won’t be denied any more. You’ll walk slowly at first. Looking around as you go. Feeling your way forward. And then your stride will start to quicken with purpose. You’ll look straight ahead.

This is what you were meant for. This is what dreams are made of. This is what comes after you cross that place in between.


4 thoughts on “The Place In Between

  1. Beautiful Ruth, u are such a talented writer 👌💚 so clever!! Keep up the flawsome work my friend, honoured to know u xx


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