Hope, definition: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Hope gets a bad rap for being something that’s weak. Like it’s about as powerful as a wish. And yet, it’s so much more than that. It’s a stirring, a longing inside, the beginning of something; the place where greatness starts.

It emerges as a seed. It germinates, it grows.

It will grow into its full potential if you let it; if you don’t get mad and yank it up by the roots. If you don’t despair and walk away from it. It WILL continue to grow even after you’ve forgotten about it. Even if you only visit it once in awhile. It might grow slowly. It might not look like much at first. But its roots have an anchor. It gets stronger with time. One day it will get big enough to start nudging you: ‘Here I am. Won’t you come visit me again?’

You may have forgotten about it, but it never forgot about you.

It knows you’re meant for greatness. It knows your full potential. It knows how to grow and become a real thing that you can see and touch.

The only way you can kill it is to give up. Cry, yell, scream if you must. Only do not end its life. To live without hope is to die inside. To lose all meaning and purpose.

In time, if you allow it to grow, to exist, to emerge, you’ll rejoice that you believed in that thing that seemed impossible. That thing that believed in you when you weren’t even sure it was real.

There are things we see through human eyes, and there are things which must be seen through the eyes of vision. The eyes of hope. The eyes of trust.

So hope. Trust. Wait. Discover. And maybe look in on it once in awhile and give it some water.


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