Why are we here, what is it all for?

These are the things that I wonder more often then not. Our life is a vapor; a blink or a thought.

Why did You put us here God? What does it mean? Are we here for a purpose, or is it just a dream?

How can we be so busy while time is flying by? One day we wake up, and it’s our turn to die.

Why do we live, why do we die? If You made us to be with us, why don’t we stay alive?

I’m glad there’s a place where we go to forever, but what about now, why does this place matter?

If only we’d stop, if only we’d listen, we just might get a glimpse of a heavenly vision. Maybe there’s more to this life than we know. Maybe we’re here to make something grow. Something that reaches beyond earth and space. Something that’s allowed to come with us to that place.

There’s so many distractions, and so many years, are wasted on heartaches and struggles and fears. We hang onto what we must let go of, and we carelessly ignore, what we should have made note of and gathered and stored.

Lives are the only things that leave this place. Nothing else will make it past earth and space. People are what matter. They are not disposable. So why do we treat them as if only some are irreplaceable?

Every moment, and every thought, is something that cannot be sold and/or bought. Children are precious, we know this is true, but so are Adam, Steven, Jenny and YOU.

Please know you’re important and here for a reason, please know that you’re someone that someone believes in.

Every breath you take reminds you you’re alive, and you have another moment to give it a try. Take nothing for granted, and don’t waste a day, cause you never know when He’ll call your name.

Live for the moment, live for the now, and you’ll get to spend eternity telling Him: “WOW!” ‘Thanks for my life God, thanks for the chance; that I got to live and to breathe and to dance. ❤


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