When you think too much, feel too much,

when you’re misunderstood.

When the whole world is the enemy, remember: life is good.

Seasons and patterns and days and years,
bring us to an understanding; that through the pain, through the suffering there is One who knows, One who cares.

Maybe they don’t ‘get’ you, maybe they don’t see,
Yet the One you’ll live with for eternity, walks beside you, knows your name, knows every thought, sees all your pain.

“Why am I this way Lord? Why did you make me so?”
‘So you could shine, so you could glow.’

‘I have made everything unique, and they just need to look closely to see, that this fruit is different than any before. It’s made for the clean, the deep, and the pure….it’s made for those longing to be more.’

‘Those that eat this fruit become as it is. They share this with others, and they use it to give. But many do not see, many do not know, the depth and the beauty that is inside, and so turn to go. Turn to what they know.’

‘One day they may come, one day they may try. But if today isn’t their day, be still my child. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t lay down and die.’

‘All have seasons and all have times. This one is yours and it is Mine. I love you so much, and have kept you for this. So go on, and see who you can bless.’

‘Bless those who hurt you, and bless those who mourn. Bless those who need a touch, and bless those in the storm.’

“But what about me God? What do I get?”

‘The blessings you’ve received and given out are piled up yet. Waiting for a time to pour all over you joy divine, life everlasting, and the best treasures on earth. But please remember: these are not your worth.’

‘Your worth is built up inside, hidden within. More glorious than you can imagine, then you can understand.’

‘I’ve made you this way, and I want you to see, that when you’re looking all around, instead, look up at Me.’

‘I’ve got your back, I’ve got your heart. This is the place to run to when it’s dark. I’m always here, and I know your every fear. But those things don’t hold you, with Me, they have to disappear!’

‘So come here my darling, come here my friend. Let’s partake of that fruit over and over again.’

‘Let it shine out, let it shine forth, and always remember there is no value that can be placed on your worth.’

‘Rubies and silver, all the precious stones; pale in comparison with the light your beauty holds.’

Ruth Mihailoff


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