If you won’t love yourself now, you won’t love yourself when: you have the right job, you have a certain skill, you’re older, you’re wiser, you’re thinner, you’re fitter…

The list goes on and on and on.

It’s true. You need to love yourself NOWRight where you are in this present moment. Mistakes and all. Failures, successes; they all make up a part of you.

“But I lose my temper.” “But I give in too easy.” “But I’m not strong.” “But I said something unkind, I did something unkind.”

So you’re not perfect. But you ARE lovable.

Love yourself through those places. Let those things that you don’t like in you change through love, not through shame. None of us are perfect. Not one. If you change through shame, you will carry that shame into your changed place. But if you recognize that you are ‘flawsome,’ that you need love, and you change through love, you will carry that love into your changed place, and that love will carry you to the next place.

We can only be where we are. We can only start where we are. And where we are is beautiful.

It might be a beautiful mess, but remember; a mud puddle can be a source of disgust and something to avoid, or it can be a place to jump in, feel the sticky oozy mud, and play to your hearts content like the kid in you wants to.

And what is that stuff that we rub on our faces to pull out the impurities, and then wash away to reveal the beauty underneath?

Yep, glorious mud.


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