Are you just existing, or are you living? Do you allow life to dictate to you, or do you dictate to life? Do you take everything you can out of the situations and places you are in, or do you merely exist in those places?
Once again my thoughts turn toward children. Those precious little ones who know how to get the most out of wherever they find themselves. No toys? No problem. This stick and a rock will do. You know what I mean. They use their imagination, their creativity, their insatiable desire to discover and learn, to propel them to make the most out of any situation they are placed in.

And placed they are. Little ones are not often asked where they would like to go, but they are taken places, and then enjoy themselves wherever they find themselves.

What can we take away from this? What can we learn from this innocence?

Don’t merely exist, LIVE!

You may not be able to control all the situations you find yourself in, but you can control your response.

It’s often the thing we take for granted, that becomes the one thing we want more than anything else in the world once it’s gone. (Your loved ones, your time with your children, your health, even the simplicity of life when you had less).

So let’s be a life sucking organism.

An organism that sucks up life from everything it crawls across, and poops out awesomeness, joy and wonder.

There’s always hidden treasure wherever you are, you just have to be willing to dig in some of the places where you might not expect to find it.

So go on, leave a sticky trail behind you for others to get caught in….and just maybe, they’ll start making some sticky trails of their own.


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