Why are we here, what is it all for?

These are the things that I wonder more often then not. Our life is a vapor; a blink or a thought.

Why did You put us here God? What does it mean? Are we here for a purpose, or is it just a dream?

How can we be so busy while time is flying by? One day we wake up, and it’s our turn to die.

Why do we live, why do we die? If You made us to be with us, why don’t we stay alive?

I’m glad there’s a place where we go to forever, but what about now, why does this place matter?

If only we’d stop, if only we’d listen, we just might get a glimpse of a heavenly vision. Maybe there’s more to this life than we know. Maybe we’re here to make something grow. Something that reaches beyond earth and space. Something that’s allowed to come with us to that place.

There’s so many distractions, and so many years, are wasted on heartaches and struggles and fears. We hang onto what we must let go of, and we carelessly ignore, what we should have made note of and gathered and stored.

Lives are the only things that leave this place. Nothing else will make it past earth and space. People are what matter. They are not disposable. So why do we treat them as if only some are irreplaceable?

Every moment, and every thought, is something that cannot be sold and/or bought. Children are precious, we know this is true, but so are Adam, Steven, Jenny and YOU.

Please know you’re important and here for a reason, please know that you’re someone that someone believes in.

Every breath you take reminds you you’re alive, and you have another moment to give it a try. Take nothing for granted, and don’t waste a day, cause you never know when He’ll call your name.

Live for the moment, live for the now, and you’ll get to spend eternity telling Him: “WOW!” ‘Thanks for my life God, thanks for the chance; that I got to live and to breathe and to dance. ❤


This Time

When you think too much, feel too much,

when you’re misunderstood.

When the whole world is the enemy, remember: life is good.

Seasons and patterns and days and years,
bring us to an understanding; that through the pain, through the suffering there is One who knows, One who cares.

Maybe they don’t ‘get’ you, maybe they don’t see,
Yet the One you’ll live with for eternity, walks beside you, knows your name, knows every thought, sees all your pain.

“Why am I this way Lord? Why did you make me so?”
‘So you could shine, so you could glow.’

‘I have made everything unique, and they just need to look closely to see, that this fruit is different than any before. It’s made for the clean, the deep, and the pure….it’s made for those longing to be more.’

‘Those that eat this fruit become as it is. They share this with others, and they use it to give. But many do not see, many do not know, the depth and the beauty that is inside, and so turn to go. Turn to what they know.’

‘One day they may come, one day they may try. But if today isn’t their day, be still my child. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t lay down and die.’

‘All have seasons and all have times. This one is yours and it is Mine. I love you so much, and have kept you for this. So go on, and see who you can bless.’

‘Bless those who hurt you, and bless those who mourn. Bless those who need a touch, and bless those in the storm.’

“But what about me God? What do I get?”

‘The blessings you’ve received and given out are piled up yet. Waiting for a time to pour all over you joy divine, life everlasting, and the best treasures on earth. But please remember: these are not your worth.’

‘Your worth is built up inside, hidden within. More glorious than you can imagine, then you can understand.’

‘I’ve made you this way, and I want you to see, that when you’re looking all around, instead, look up at Me.’

‘I’ve got your back, I’ve got your heart. This is the place to run to when it’s dark. I’m always here, and I know your every fear. But those things don’t hold you, with Me, they have to disappear!’

‘So come here my darling, come here my friend. Let’s partake of that fruit over and over again.’

‘Let it shine out, let it shine forth, and always remember there is no value that can be placed on your worth.’

‘Rubies and silver, all the precious stones; pale in comparison with the light your beauty holds.’

Ruth Mihailoff

If You Won’t Love Yourself Now, You Won’t Love Yourself ‘When…’

If you won’t love yourself now, you won’t love yourself when: you have the right job, you have a certain skill, you’re older, you’re wiser, you’re thinner, you’re fitter…

The list goes on and on and on.

It’s true. You need to love yourself NOWRight where you are in this present moment. Mistakes and all. Failures, successes; they all make up a part of you.

“But I lose my temper.” “But I give in too easy.” “But I’m not strong.” “But I said something unkind, I did something unkind.”

So you’re not perfect. But you ARE lovable.

Love yourself through those places. Let those things that you don’t like in you change through love, not through shame. None of us are perfect. Not one. If you change through shame, you will carry that shame into your changed place. But if you recognize that you are ‘flawsome,’ that you need love, and you change through love, you will carry that love into your changed place, and that love will carry you to the next place.

We can only be where we are. We can only start where we are. And where we are is beautiful.

It might be a beautiful mess, but remember; a mud puddle can be a source of disgust and something to avoid, or it can be a place to jump in, feel the sticky oozy mud, and play to your hearts content like the kid in you wants to.

And what is that stuff that we rub on our faces to pull out the impurities, and then wash away to reveal the beauty underneath?

Yep, glorious mud.

Lemons and Possibilities.

Lemons. Sour moments. We all have them. So, what to do?
“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” You know the saying. And yet, someone did just that. They made something so enjoyable, that it is still a refreshing drink of choice to this day.

You may be a ‘lemonade maker,’ and not be aware of it yet. You might be drowning in all the sour things you are dealing with, and not realize that you have the makings of a great lemonade.

Or maybe, you’re the sour lemon. That’s okay too. You may just be missing one key ingredient to make your lemonade. Rest assured, you have everything you need inside of you to make something great. ❤

Maybe your activating ingredient is motivation. Maybe it’s taking one step.  Maybe it’s taking that suggestion offered to you that you initially rejected.

It’s NEVER too late. Today may be YOUR day where you take a step and “the rest is history baby,” as they say.

You’ll never know what you are capable of until you give it a try.

Oh and don’t be surprised if you discover that you are capable of so much more than you knew, and you start refreshing those around you with your flavor of lemonade.

Good things can come in lemon packages..

You Matter

Ever wonder sometimes if you really matter?

Why yes, yes you do.

Here’s what we would be missing if there were no ‘you.’

We’d miss the sound that fills the air when you laugh, when you talk, when you give and when you share.

Something that needed to exist would not, because only you could bring about that thought.

The world would have an empty space that should have been filled with your warmth and your grace.

Someone would be missing that special friend in life; who gets them, who knows them and helps them survive.

People you introduced might not ever meet, which would cause many things to be out of beat.

Your colours, your flavours, yes they all matter. The world with you in it is definitely better.

So look around and know that it’s true; the world would have a big gap in it, if it weren’t filled by you. ❤

Don’t Just Exist, Live.

Are you just existing, or are you living? Do you allow life to dictate to you, or do you dictate to life? Do you take everything you can out of the situations and places you are in, or do you merely exist in those places?
Once again my thoughts turn toward children. Those precious little ones who know how to get the most out of wherever they find themselves. No toys? No problem. This stick and a rock will do. You know what I mean. They use their imagination, their creativity, their insatiable desire to discover and learn, to propel them to make the most out of any situation they are placed in.

And placed they are. Little ones are not often asked where they would like to go, but they are taken places, and then enjoy themselves wherever they find themselves.

What can we take away from this? What can we learn from this innocence?

Don’t merely exist, LIVE!

You may not be able to control all the situations you find yourself in, but you can control your response.

It’s often the thing we take for granted, that becomes the one thing we want more than anything else in the world once it’s gone. (Your loved ones, your time with your children, your health, even the simplicity of life when you had less).

So let’s be a life sucking organism.

An organism that sucks up life from everything it crawls across, and poops out awesomeness, joy and wonder.

There’s always hidden treasure wherever you are, you just have to be willing to dig in some of the places where you might not expect to find it.

So go on, leave a sticky trail behind you for others to get caught in….and just maybe, they’ll start making some sticky trails of their own.