One of the biggest lies that we tell ourselves, or that we hear from others and believe, is: “it’s too late.”

“You’re too old to chase that dream. That was a fool’s dream. That was a dream for when you were young.”


It is NEVER too late to pursue a dream or a life goal. Oh, it may be harder to obtain if you’re older than 25. It may take effort, guts, and many tears, but IT IS worth it. Somewhere deep inside of you, you know this.

Why did you have those dreams in the first place? Why does that thing appeal to you? Why does it dangle in front of you as if on a fishing line, saying: “c’mon try. Don’t give up on that dream. You’re not too old, it’s not too late.”

In fact, it’s NEVER too late. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever.


Maybe it’s something like wanting abs, being physically fit, or running a marathon. Maybe it’s writing a book, singing professionally, or engaging in public speaking. Whatever it is, you might wonder, “what would I look like? What would that be like? What would that feel like?”

My friend, I’ll tell you!!

It will feel like meeting a you that maybe you haven’t met before. It will feel like hard work, sweat and tears, and then….a feeling of pride and joy and amazement that YOU ARE strong enough to see this goal through. You will start to realize that you CAN attain this goal. You will start to think about those other forgotten things, and realize that maybe they aren’t far-fetched, maybe they aren’t out of reach, and you WILL start to go after them.

Did you know that the blueprints are already inside of you for your success? Just sitting there. Just waiting for you to tap into them. Those abs are THERE! Go discover them. That voice is THERE. Go discover it.

Stop waiting. Stop wondering. Stop THINKING.

Just go.

Go get it!



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