The Thing We Love

…..for he will not dwell unduly on the days of his life, because God keeps him busy with the joy of his heart. Ecclesiastes 5:6

Being kept busy with the JOY of our heart. Woah, wait.

It’s funny how what we love to do still requires effort, work, thought, etc…but it brings us JOY. All that effort put into the thing(s) you love, IS worth it, because it will bring YOU the most joy. No one will do that thing quite like you will. No one else will give it that same expression.

Picture you have your own lego set placed in front of you. Do you copy another’s design, or do you create something of your own? Maybe as we are learning, we copy other’s designs, and that is ok. But there comes a day when you feel it on the inside. “Will you be brave enough to try your own design?”

“But what if it falls apart?” That’s ok. “What if others laugh at it?’ That’s ok. “What if it takes me 600 try’s to get it built?” THAT IS OK.

You are worth it. The only difference between you and other’s who had a new idea and were successful with it, is………..that they gave it a TRY.

I love music. Playing music, teaching music, singing music. I have never felt that I’m very good at it. I have usually felt under par compared to many others.


The one thing I am sure that I have is PASSION for music. Passion will carry you far. It will take that music and bring it to life. It will bring you JOY. You will stop caring what others think about your ability, and you will start to draw them in by your passion.

I have seen someone that did not like a certain food listen to someone else describe this same food with such passion and love for it, that they decided to try the food again feeling that they may have missed something because that person was so PASSIONATE about it.

So, what is your “music,” your “food?” What is your passion?

Are you ready to give it 600 try’s, and let it bring you JOY?

C’mon. Poke your toe into the water…


Be kind

Been feeling challenged lately to be kind.

I know about being kind to others and try to practice that daily.  But what about being kind to myself? To my body specifically. Hmmm. It almost sounds kooky. But there it is.  How can I be kind to myself? “Love others as you love yourself..”

Can I learn to say “I love you” to the parts of me that maybe I’ve never really liked? What would happen if I sent those parts love? Would I start to see them in a different light? Would I even start to love those parts of myself? Would this make me a happier, more relaxed, accepting human being to be around?

I want to find out.  I’m committed to finding out.

Sending love rather than hate to ourselves. What an idea. I can’t be someone else, so imagine focusing on what I CAN be. Finding out.

Maybe those flaws just make me #flawsome. Yeah, I think they do.

Here’s something for you to try:

Go to a mirror, look at your face, look into your eyes and say “I love you (enter your name here”). I found this really hard to do at first.  Like I was talking to a stranger. How odd is that? This face that I clean, put makeup on, and look at everyday, I can’t say “I love you” to it? Babies and small children have no problem loving their faces. Somewhere along the way this wonder at what God made (us) gets lost.

I want to find that wonder again.  “Be like a child….” If we stop and watch the little ones in our lives, they’ll show us the way back. Let’s mimic them.❤

I dare you.  Go look at your face and say: “I love you.”


Abs and Wrinkles

So here I am a first time blogger starting my first blog post. The title? Abs and Wrinkles. Yes, you read that correctly.

I’m 38, and have been noticing of late what seems a daily increase in wrinkles. I have also recently acquired abs. One I don’t have much control over (wrinkles), and the other I do.

I started an exercise program in January that I’ve continued, which has given me these abs. It’s also given me confidence that I can do more than I ever knew I could , an upbeat attitude, and a feeling that if I were a Jedi, they would say: “the force is strong with this one.”

I honestly feel as though I could try anything I want and achieve any goal I desire. This is quite amusing to me, as I am now nearing 40 and “beauty” is passing me by with age, yet here are these abs.

What good are they? They are fun to poke, they make me feel strong, but do they work with wrinkles? I am bound and determined to find out.